Friday, December 15, 2006

Designed for dumb people

I took a long 23 hour trip to finally arrive in a different land, different culture and just about everything, for some reason it wasn't shocking enough, I don't know why. Mississippi, el-se3eed of America, lovely simple place. The 1st impression is that the place looks exxactly like the game GTA San Andreas. I got a driving license quite easily, but driving still gives me the creeps around here. I find it difficult not to drive through road intersection and noticing the light signals, I tend to drive right through if the way is clear....Egyptian habbit :S , very dangerous around here :) other than that , everything here including the roads are designed for dumb people, which I have heard that some people theorize....that a lot of American are .(dumb people) They only have the smart people in the right positions controlling everything and giving the dumb people what contents them.
Rice cookers, microwaves, coffee maker, .... and thats only in the kitchen.... Driving is almost a good time to take a nap :) , because it is so stress free ! And the ridiculous internet speed .. I could go on and on ... :)

Why are things not so simple in Egypt, I get a heart ache thinking like this all the time. Is it all because of the lack of democracy, a freind of mine whom I highly respect for being amazing relentless finally said just before I got on th eplane to the USA......Egypt is going to hell, more specifically, Masr ray7ah fee sitteen dahya. My other friend at whos house I am living now, is getting tired of me wondering and complaining all the time about the problems in
Egypt. He says in his straight to the point attitude .... blood needs to be shed for things to get fixed in Egypt, I don't believe thats totally true... but I think blood will be shed. Hosni mubarak
( here we go again :) )has been smart enough over the last 26 years to give Egyptians a controlled outlet of steam to avoid and over boil. But as I see it , the heat is still rising. And in the meanwhile people are loosing faith in everything...ethics, religion, belief in themselves...... i'm gonna depress myself again. Rabbena 3al moftaree.